Welcome to Ventura's newest New Thought Center, EMERGING SPIRITS. Create a happier, richer & satisfying life using spiritual principles.

Upcoming Events

Joy of Writing

August 24, 2017
Noon to 2:30 pm

We all have a writer within. Have fun and surprise yourself with stories you never knew were in you.

Talent Show

August 26, 2017

Plans to be a ‘Show Stopper’ Aug. 26th

Avenue of Abundance

BE What you want and prosper in it

Hi light beings!! “You will find solution, if you have a passionate, strong desire to breakthrough” ― Sunday Adelaja “Magick, in essence, is the ability to communicate to the universe what you want in an effective way, so that the universe can then respond and create what you desire.” ― Christopher Penczak If we want […]

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