The Magic of St. Patrick and the Trinity (Sunday Talk)

Rev. Jymme talks to us about some fun facts of St. Patrick’s Day, tips to feed our soul and the symbolism of  the shamrock as its 3 leaves represent the Holy Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. A little “Wild Mountain Thyme” from Tom, Dawn and friends. Press arrow or title to […]

The Spiritual Inward Journey (Sunday Talk)

Rev. Jymme tells us to pack our bags as we go on journey of prayer within. When we change things on the inside our world will change on the outside. Rev. Fran joins us for a wonderful Invocation & Benediction. Sing-a-long to an encore song by Tom, Dawn & Wally! Press title or arrow to […]

International Women’s Day (Sunday Talk)

Rev. Jymme talks about Lent and giving up negative thoughts. She also celebrates the women in her life! Enjoy an encore song by Adrianna Bean. Press arrow or title to watch.

What in the World am I Saying-ENCORE-May 2022

Rev. Fran Williams will be our guest speaker in-person, Sunday Feb 26. Please enjoy one of her fabulous past talks from May 2022. Beautiful Invocation from Marlene Brown. Sing-a-long with Tom and Wally! Press arrow or title to watch 🙂

How We LOVE (Sunday Talk)

Rev. Jymme discusses the Five Languages of Love and helps us identify  which “language” we speak! Sing a long with Paula Marie Jones. Press arrow or title to enjoy!