Adriana Attento, MA

Let us come together again in spiritual practice. Learn to keep the mind focused in the present moment with sitting and walking meditations. The second hour will include a fun and enlightening exercise in creativity. We’ll end this workshop with a guided, heart opening, loving kindness meditation. (Snacks Will be provided.)

Love Donation $20

Adriana Attento has a Master’s degree in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate institute. She is a published writer, teacher and psychotherapist pursuing licensing in Hawaii and California. The symbolic meaning of the name Adrian Attento reveals an aspect of her deep Self. Adria means rich and dark or dark one. Adriana experiences herself to be dark, that is, fertile with wisdom and rich with the abundance of life. She enjoys long hours in the darkness of her being, meditating upon truth and how to express this truth to the world. Attento means attention or to be attentive. Giving her full attention to the darkness within as well as to what is emerging from that darkness brings her great fulfillment. In fact, this is not only what she deeply enjoys: it’s her calling. Facilitating in others the emergence of what is arising from within them is her soulful vocation.