At Emerging Spirits Center, our members are committed to cultivating happiness, health, and well being in our local and global community.

While each week we focus on creating well-being within the self through means of classes, prayer partners/groups, and community activities; we also dedicate time, materials, and tithing’s to local community service agents.

This quarter we are focusing our efforts in addressing hunger and homelessness within Ventura. Emerging Spirits Center is gathering winter coats and clothing, blankets, hygiene products, food, and funds to provide to local organizations that will then distribute these items to those who need extra support.

At the end of each quarter, the Emerging Spirits Center will determine a different social concern to focus upon, to bring more health, happiness, and well being to the community.

Please follow our endeavors and be part of creating positive change with us!

Current Focus: Hunger and Homelessness

Current Partnered Local Service Agents:
The City Center—transitional housing through The River Community.
FOODShare—Ventura County food banks and distribution.
Ventura Homeless Project—a community member collects & distributes materials directly to homeless individuals in downtown Ventura.

Ongoing Community Involvement and Outreach:
Greeting Cards for Troops
Prayer Practitioners and Groups

Chamber of Commerce
Ventura Homeless Project

Please feel welcomed in contacting us at to be part of, or inquire further about our ongoing community outreach endeavors.

Thank you. Be well! Be happy!