Emerging Spirits’ Spiritual Practitioners are those who have gone through classes and studies to be a support to our members in creating healthy, vibrant and fulfilling lives, they recognize the creative power within us all and use positive, affirmative prayer called treatment to heal and transform their lives and the lives of others.

Rev. Jymme Taylor

I have had the privilege of being a practicing practitioner for the Centers for Spiritual Living for over 18 years, praying with other individuals and seeing the truth of their being, is the most rewarding experience I know. This philosophy satisfies my soul and sharing it with others fulfills my purpose.

I went back to school at fifty years of age and I am a graduate of the Holmes Institute class of 2009 with a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. Holmes institute is an accredited Master’s Degree program whose mission is to prepare spiritual leaders for service in the global community.

I have come from a varied religious back ground. The moment I started practicing New Thought principles, I was home. This philosophy has saved my life.

Lorraine M. Patch, ESCSP

Knowing the past cannot be changed and there is no guarantee of a future, I live my life in the present moment. Accepting whatever challenges arise with ease and gratitude, I love my life.

Raised in the Boston area I learned love is by far the most important thing in life. I am extremely grateful for my family, friends and Emerging Spirits Center.

With my diverse background in several areas and degrees in Management and Education, I have a variety of skills to assist in the business of Emerging Spirit Center and to share my talents with our congregation and others.

Since my retirement in 2009, I have been able to grow spiritually in the New Thought Philosophy. As an Emerging Spirits Center Spiritual Practitioner I now have the opportunity to dedicate my time, talents and love of life to the needs and growth of others. Starting each day in gratitude for all my blessings, I live a life of abundance full of love and peace surrounded by generous, loving, caring friends and family. I am so blessed.

Monica Weisberg, ESCSP

What a precious and glorious life!

Raised in the Midwest I learned to value life and all creation. Each has a place in the scheme of things, and I celebrate God’s love permeating it all.

My wife and I raised our three children in the Boston area. I studied nursing to better understand the wondrous complexities of nature and to compassionately serve my patients.

Obtaining an advanced degree brought me to beautiful California where I have lived for greater than a decade. After a long career in Nursing and Clinical Research, I retired to spend more time dedicated to Animal Ministry, a life-long interest.

My religious path has been Christian based, but I found my spiritual home in New Thought. Becoming an Emerging Spirits Center Spiritual Practitioner has provided an opportunity to expand my service to my center and community. I bring joy, peace, love and gratitude to this journey.

Whether leading a book-club, teaching, assisting with administration, writing, coordinating Animal Blessings or praying with clients, I am fulfilling my soul’s journey in the Presence of God, the oneness of all life. God is; I am.

Marlene Brown, ESCSP

I have embraced a variety of religious and spiritual paths; each one uplifting and inspiring; yet my first visit to a Religious Science church, I experienced an instant recognition that resonated with me so deeply I have lived the philosophy ever since.

My life is dedicated to living powerfully with clear intention and purpose in the Science of Mind principles. A heart-space of gratitude, prayer and connection to the Divine brings my life peace, joy, love, abundance and more.

We are all on this path as one; I look forward to share in this joyous experience together.