Emerging Spirits Center Membership

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Becoming a member will open up new opportunities for you to serve in significant ministry roles within the community. By committing yourself to becoming a member, you will have a greater focus to use and develop your gifts, abilities, serving skills and leadership within the community. The reward for your loving service within the community will have spiritual significance in your life and the lives of others. You will also experience the joy and reward of being part of what Spirit is doing with and throughout this community and the global community as well.

Definition of a member with the Emerging Spirits Center: 

heartupholds the teachings and practices of New Thought/ Emerging Spirits Center

heartattends the spiritual and social functions of ESC

heartcontributes to the support of ESC through, time, talent and tithe

heartattends the annual ESC business meeting and votes as needed

heartupholds the purpose, mission, and vision of ESC

heartacts to promote harmony and oneness within/without the spiritual community

If you choose to become a member of Emerging Spirits Center, you will be asked to be part of an introduction class about us and New Thought.  We do this at least twice a year. We will have you sign a membership card with your information and ask if you understand and will up hold the definitions of an ESC member listed above.

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Rich Blessings,

Reverend Jymme Taylor,
Board of Trustees,
of the Emerging Spirits Center