We are a New Thought Center which provides people with the tools to make positive changes in their lives through study and applying the practices of right thinking in a person’s life. These teachings do not conflict with traditional religious beliefs but rather serves as a guide to their application.

We honor the diversity of all cultures and faiths while aiming to articulate, practice, and embody more fully universal spiritual principles. We honor and respect all faiths, cultures, sexual orientation, creeds, and races and learn from those who believe spiritual equity and human rights belong to everyone.

We encourage personal transformation and collective awakening. We practice the gift of active compassion and kindness through our service to all life. We foster a world that works for the highest good of all.

We are a modern spiritual philosophy stressing the power of right thinking in a person’s life, the idea that our thoughts and attitudes affect our experience and that the divine power of God’s Spirit, is alive within each individual.

Emerging Spirits
a New Thought Center

Sunday service is at noon.