Rev. Jymme Taylor – Senior Minister

I have had the privilege of being a practicing practitioner for the Centers for Spiritual Living for over 18 years, praying with other individuals and seeing the truth of their being, is the most rewarding experience I know. This philosophy satisfies my soul and sharing it with others fulfills my purpose.

I went back to school at fifty years of age and I am a graduate of the Holmes Institute class of 2009 with a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. Holmes institute is an accredited Master’s Degree program whose mission is to prepare spiritual leaders for service in the global community.

I have come from a varied religious back ground. The moment I started practicing New Thought principles, I was home. This philosophy has saved my life.

Lorraine M. Patch – Chair/Treasurer

Knowing the past cannot be changed and there is no guarantee of a future, I live my life in the present moment. Accepting whatever challenges arise with ease and gratitude, I love my life.

Raised in the Boston area I learned love is by far the most important thing in life. I am extremely grateful for my family, friends and Emerging Spirits Center.

With my diverse background in several areas and degrees in Management and Education, I have a variety of skills to assist in the business of Emerging Spirit Center and to share my talents with our congregation and others.

Since my retirement in 2009, I have been able to grow spiritually in the New Thought Philosophy. As an Emerging Spirits Center Spiritual Practitioner I now have the opportunity to dedicate my time, talents and love of life to the needs and growth of others. Starting each day in gratitude for all my blessings, I live a life of abundance full of love and peace surrounded by generous, loving, caring friends and family. I am so blessed.

Marlene Brown – Board Secretary

I have embraced a variety of religious and spiritual paths; each one uplifting and inspiring; yet my first visit to a Religious Science church, I experienced an instant recognition that resonated with me so deeply I have lived the philosophy ever since.

My life is dedicated to living powerfully with clear intention and purpose in the Science of Mind principles. A heart-space of gratitude, prayer and connection to the Divine brings my life peace, joy, love, abundance and more.


Jackie Will -Co Chair.   

Michael Eagle-Member at Large. 

Elaine Cornwell-Youth Advocate